Sports and After-Surgery Brassieres

Worry no more. Womens Athletic Group created comfortable brassieres that have neither inner seams to chafe you nor underwire to poke you. Our bras are made of a fabric with technical performance, which wicks the moisture from your body. The zipper is padded for comfort, straps are wide and adjustable for a secure fit, and straps do not fall.


Lymphedema Bra

This bra is for women afflicted with chest or breast lymphedema. The adjustable compression applies a gentle caress of ongoing compression and therapeutic support for the affected chest and breast area. It has soft sensitive fabric inside and out, wide adjustable padded straps, and comfortable support for breast or prosthesis.


Kassy Lynn Postoperative Compression Bra

The Kassy Lynn Postoperative Bra will hold you firmly in place without discomfort. Our fabric is a soft yet strong compression lycra/spandex. The bra features a unique design to ensure nothing will rub against any suture or incision areas. It has no inner seams to bind, chafe, or irritate you. It feels so good on your skin.